Dive into the erotic world of dominance and submission

Do you want to immerse yourself in the erotic world of domination and submission, but BDSM studios/dungeons are not your cup of tea? Do you long to live out your submissive tendencies or want to discover a new erotic terrain and broaden your horizons? Are looking for a woman who absolutely does not correspond to the typical dominatrix cliché and would you like to experience a completely natural dominance?


In addition to my passion for sensual "girlfriend-eroticism", I have been living out my dominant side for some years now and will gladly take you on an erotic journey into the area of ​​domination and submission. Firstly my height of just over 180 cm is a very impressive appearance. With my discreetly elegant clothes and subtle make-up, no one would ever dare to suspect what may hide underneath this natural-elegant facade. I think that you do not have to show off your natural dominance with lacquer and leather clothing or an exaggerated make-up. The deciding factor is what hides behind the façade and this will astonish and shudder you ;-).


I have a large selection of different toys (a photo can be found in the blog on my website), but if this is not enough for you, we can also meet in an excellently equipped SM rental studio like the rental studios “SM Kulisse” and “Große Werkstatt”. Here you will find everything the BDSM heart desires and we can live out our fantasies and create erotic explosions.


My specialties are various role-playing games that I practice with absolute enthusiasm, passion and dedication. In order to be able to meet immediately in the respective roles, I work out the role play with you together in advance by email and will gladly let you know my own ideas, if you would like me to do so. Of course, I only assign roles in which I feel comfortable and which I can really authentically embody. Whether boss, teacher, hotel director, burglar, agent, blackmailer, sadistic girlfriend / wife, dominant student, doctor on home visit, ..... there are countless roles that I have already embodied with enthusiasm, dedication and authenticity. Please do not be afraid to tell me your fantasies, I also like to try out something new!


I offer you a special experience with plenty of knowledge, a lot of empathy, the necessary rigor and especially with a completely natural dominance away from the typical dominatrix cliché. You can experience with me verbal humiliation, tease and denial, spanking from soft to very hard with hand and various utensils, whips, shackles, face slapping, various role playing, feminization, spitting, face sitting, trampling, anal play on you including fisting, nipple torture, foot fetishism, hot / cold games, waxing, CBT, ballbusting etc. .


Among my taboos are watersports and of course scat, since both have absolutely no erotic connotation for me and I do not want to do anything that I do not find inspiring myself.

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